Luxury home buyers downsizing period

What Should Luxury Home Buyers Consider During the Downsizing Period?

Have there been changes in your life or lifestyle? Are you thinking of moving to a smaller house? Downsizing can feel overwhelming but moving to a smaller space can be very freeing. Fewer hassles with lawn and home maintenance can give you more energy and time to enjoy your new life.

Don’t compromise your standards when you’re ready to move from your family estate to a more manageable property. Even smaller condos can offer the same high-quality finishes and generous living spaces found in large houses. Here are a few things to keep in mind while in your downsizing period:

Look Around First

Before you begin your purge, take a moment to look at everything in your home. It can be an emotional task to go through and potentially get rid of years of accumulated “stuff.”  Invite family members to take the boxes they left in your attic or basement. While there, ask them if there is any piece of furniture, knick-knack, dishes or artwork they’d like as well. Make it fun. Laughter can help take away the pain of downsizing, even when the move is a happy one.

What Can You Live Without?

Divide your belongings into segments of “purge” and “keep”.  Decide which pieces really matter to you and what others you can live without. That may mean sacrificing a valuable antique for another piece which will be a better fit in your new living room. Of course, there will always be papers or damaged items which should be shredded and/or tossed. Sentimental items may be left for last.

Cash in On Valuable Pieces

It might be a good time to have a professional downsizing consultant give you an idea of the value of your antique furniture, original art collection, or high-end jewelry you bought as an investment. If it won’t fit or won’t be used in your new home, it’s time to cash it in. You may want to skip hosting a rummage sale which won’t give you what your décor and belongings are worth (and tends to take too much time and energy).

Old Space Vs. the Size of Your New Place

Be sure to get the room measurements of your new home. Don’t be disappointed on the day of your move when you realize your couch, dining room set, or art collection won’t fit. Perhaps it can be used in a different area, or it may be something you can pass down to a family member or friend instead.

Downsize Early

The larger your home, the more time you’ll need to go through everything. You must plan what will be moved and what needs to be downsized. The best way to complete the task is to set aside some time every day to empty drawers and filing cabinets, sort closets, and remove damaged, broken, or unwanted items. Starting early and going slowly will make it easier to downsize.

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