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Top Tips To Get Minor Scratches Out Of Wood Furniture

Scratches can ruin the look of even the most beautiful wood furniture; however, over time, all wood furniture can start to show some wear and tear – especially if it gets a lot of use. Do you think your furniture’s best days are behind it? Not so fast! Before you spend a week as a do-it-yourselfer refinishing the piece – or worse, completely tossing your favorite side table or dresser – here are some simple ways to repair the scratches and gouges in it. Make it look like new again!

Polish Away Minor Scratches and Scuffs

If your wood furniture has minor scratches and scuffs, you can cover them easily with an oil-based colored furniture polish available at many hardware and grocery stores. Choose a color that matches your wood furniture. Be sure that the surface of the wood is clean and dry, then apply the polish. Allow the polish to soak into the damaged areas and let dry before using. If the scratches are more extensive, you may need to lightly sand the area with extra fine steel wool or sandpaper first.  Voila! It’s gone!

Cover Damage with Paint, Marker, or Wax

If a scratch is a bit deeper and just polishing doesn’t help, sometimes other ideas are warranted. First, try a wax crayon that matches the finish and fill in the gouge or scratch. Use your finger to warm the wax and to blend it in. It will harden in place.

Another way is to use oil-based artist’s or craft paint. This thick liquid will fill in the space and dry solid. Match the wood finish perfectly or, if you can’t, choose a slightly darker color. Rub in a small amount in a less noticeable area first and test the color. If you have trouble color matching, use watercolor paint and an artist brush or even a felt-tip marker. Once the color is right, fill in the scratches with varnish or clear wax.

The Natural Way with Coffee, Tea, or Walnuts

If you own wood furniture with a dark stain, there are several ways to cover scratches without using oil and chemicals. First, try making a paste with instant coffee and a bit of water. Rub the paste into the scratch and allow it to fill in the space. Or, brew a cup of black tea (not green or herbal) with just a few tablespoons of hot water and a tea bag. To match the wood finish, allow it to steep longer the darker the wood is. Using a cotton swab, dab the tea into the scratches and wipe away any excess. You may need to apply the tea several times to get the right color.

For lighter stained wood furniture, try walnuts! Crack open the shell and rub the walnut meat into the affected area. Gently polish, and the scratch should disappear.

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