As top-rated NY estate buyers, we present competitive offers for outright purchase of partial or entire estates, small collections or individual items.
Whether you have a few items or an entire apartment or house full, contact us and our experienced team can guide you through the process of selling to help you unlock the value of your possessions.

After a short screening process, our team will determine the best fit for your needs and may schedule an in person appointment at no cost to you.
Showplace pays competitively, offering convenience, a guaranteed sale price and no fees to the client.
Showplace tailors every solution to to meet your needs and timeline
Choose Showplace for a hassle-free, streamlined process that maximizes convenience, efficiency, and value, thanks to their wide-ranging purchase capabilities and all-inclusive services.



J. Jay Mautner
J. Jay Mautner
I was left alone in an UES apartment. How was I going to downsize to a one BR assisted living apartment? A moving management professional suggested I contact Andrea Baker at Showplace. Glad I did. Andrea acted quickly, but with no high pressure tactics. She came and took pictures, made a lot of notes, and got back to me the next day with an offer. The items I wanted to get rid of ranged from ordinary household stuff, furniture, fine china and bric-a-brac, art by Joan Miro, sculpture by Silas Seandel and a large collection of Steuben animals. Her offer was acceptable, and a move out date was set. Everything that was being taken away was marked with a color coded label. Andrea arrived on time on moving day with her assistant and moving team. Everything that was going was packed and loaded on to their truck. The whole process left me with a good feeling even though most of my possessions were going bye bye. Another nice thing. I had a sculpture that I wanted to ship to my daughter in Idaho. Andrea Took it and arranged to have it packed and shipped for me with no extra handling charge or commission.
Jesse Meucci
Jesse Meucci
I had a very pleasant experience working with Andrea to help sell an artist’s entire collection of sculptures and paintings. Andrea came to Connecticut personally to help with the project. Andrea did an amazing job. The entire day was very organized and handled with the utmost professionalism. I look forward to working with all of you again in the future. Jesse Meucci
Mireille Mosler
Mireille Mosler
Showplace was so easy to deal with! After a first email with pictures, I immediately got a response with an estimate. Selling all my furniture in one go was a huge relief. Hassle free and quick. Shawn Leventhal walked me through the process and within a week, they picked up my furniture. Highly recommend for estate sales or just redecorating your home.
Adriel Friedlender
Adriel Friedlender
Had an incredible experience selling my mother's art deco furniture in her Park avenue apartment. We had a tight timeline to get all the furniture out and Showplace was able to get me an offer and pick everything up within days of initially calling them. The moving crew was very professional and efficient! They were able to disassemble, wrap and move out our office, living room set, 3 beds, and a vanity all within 3 hours. Andrew was very responsive and helpful in the days leading up to the pick up, and Sean was a joy to work with on the day of the pick up. They bought everything outright, so no need for me to wait for anything to sell before receiving a check. 10/10 would recommend Showplace to anyone looking to sell antique furniture in the city!
Joyce Nelson
Joyce Nelson
We were downsizing and closed our New York apartment on Park Avenue. We had art, antiques and miscellaneous objects for sale. The Showplace Team was a dream to work with.They were patient as we determined which items we wanted to sell. Andrea was exceptionally responsive, professional, and accommodating. There were issues with the building but the Showplace team remained cool and professional and made everything work smoothly.
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias
My experience with dealing with Showplace was excellent. Shawn showed great and experienced behavior while helping me with the sale of my items. Was always very kind and also made sure the pickup of them was done properly and helped to make sure all was well done. Apart this, he was very nice and helpful when I later visited your showroom and expressed my desire to purchase one of your items. He showed me around and checked that my choice was good and the item I purchased worked and any repairs necessary were done. I would recommend your Showroom and the good services of Shawn.
Tony Aiuto
Tony Aiuto
Years ago we had inherited a large home's worth of pieces - crystal, African masks, signed prints, water colors, tiny sculptures. It was mostly not our vibe, but we could not figure out how to part with it. The variation in types and value would have required us to sell each of about 100 pieces individually, through different channels. Some through consignment, some auctions, some EBay. That was too daunting to cope with. We turned to Showplace. We sent pictures of everything in advance to give them an idea of what we had. Shawn came to our house one day, looked each item over, taking most (but rejecting a few). Then he offered a price that we found equitable for the bundle. Then yhey packed it all up and wrote me a check. At the end of the day, we felt relieved they had helped us part with so many things that no longer sparked joy, and were hopeful that they will find a place in a home where they do.
Edie Friedman
Edie Friedman
Dealing with Amos and Andrea from Showplace to sell the contents of my mother’s estate was a first class, stress-free experience. I met with auction houses, other estate buyers, silver specialists, vintage designer clothing buyers and people that arrange tag sales to sell my mother’s vast collection of designer clothes, bags, furs, paintings, sculptures, silver, furniture, tableware and accessories. Amos made my life easier by buying everything at once and paying up front. Amos and Andrea struck just the right note of gentleness and sympathy while dealing with us at a difficult time. I highly recommend Showplace for buying estates or even for downsizing.
Benjamin Dixon
Benjamin Dixon
These guys are fantastic. I am a real estate broker and needed to empty a large loft quickly . Showplace was easy to work with and got the job done quickly!
Dilip Yogasundram
Dilip Yogasundram
Showplace Fine Art & Estate Buyers were a real pleasure to deal with, and we received a very satisfying sale price for my late mother's estate contents. Andrea and Amos spent far more time examining my mother's jewelry, artwork, ornaments and furniture than any of the other prospective estate buyers, and were quick to address any questions we had. In the end, their offer was well informed and significantly better than the competition. I have no hesitiation in recommending them highly.


How do I sell with Showplace? What is the process?
The process starts when you contact us by filling out our form or calling one of our representatives. After we review photos, a member of our team will reach out to have a phone consultation. Next we determine if we need to schedule an on site visit, an appointment for you to bring items in or if we can make an offer based on photographs. After thoroughly reviewing the items for sale, our team will make you an offer. Once an agreement is reached, our fully-licensed and courteous movers will handle the packing and transportation, overseen by a member of Showplace’s staff.
How long does the process take?

Our estate buyers solutions are tailored to each individual client so timelines vary. We do our best to work as efficiently as possible to work within a client’s timeframe.

Why sell outright?
Immediate payment and convenience are the key benefits to selling outright. Showplace will make strong offers on all levels of items in an estate. We are a one stop shop and make the process easy for our clients. We pay competitively compared to consignment without the risk and hassle.
Will you take everything?

As NY estate buyers, we are in the business of providing solutions to our clients. We try to buy as much as possible. As a solutions based company, we can also provide full estate liquidations and clean-out services where we will either directly handle or recommend a partner company leave the premises “broom clean.”

Are you insured to meet my building requirements?
We have extensive experience arranging moving and certificates of insurance in New York City area condos and co-ops. We work in top buildings throughout the city on a daily basis. We work with buildings to satisfy COI requirements and arrange for the pickup.
Are you reputable?

Showplace is highly reputable; that is why we have been in business since 2005. Please take a look at our Google Reviews below and a New York Times article that featured our work.

How do I know you will pay fair prices for my property?

We are able to pay competitive prices for estates because we have been in the business for nearly 20 years and have built a strong clientele for art, jewelry and antiques. Our offers are based on fair market value for items and factor in the work that needs to be done to find your pieces new homes.

How do I get paid?
We pay on the day of the pickup and use varied payment methods depending on what is preferred by the seller.
Is there a cost for your services?
No. Consultations are free and we pay you for any items that we buy.
What are my obligations or responsibilities?
After an agreement is reached, please leave the property as-is until the pickup date. On pickup day our fully-licensed and courteous movers will handle the packing and transportation, overseen by a member of Showplace’s staff.
Why should I sell to you?

Showplace is highly reputable; that is why we have been in business since 2005. Please take a look at our Google Reviews and a New York Times article that featured our work. We pay competitively and go the extra mile to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible.

Does Showplace provide appraisals?

Showplace does not provide appraisals for estate tax purposes, or retail replacement value appraisals for insurance. However, we are happy to refer you to a certified appraiser in our network appraiser in our network.

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