what are estate buyers looking for?

What Are Estate Buyers Looking For?

Liquidating an estate can be a time-consuming and exhausting process. It can be daunting having to go through the steps yourself without any help. This can be particularly frustrating if you have a large amount of tangible assets to sort. That is where estate buyers come in. Estate buyers offer professional help in moving your personal property quickly. This includes appraisals and valuations to assist you in getting the best value for your items. Here are some basic things you can expect them to take off your hands.

Mid-Century Modern Decor and Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture and décor have become more popular than they used to, partly due to tastes having changed from traditional antiques to funky mid-century styles . Additionally, modern décor and furniture fits well with contemporary homes and recent architectural trends.

what are estate buyers looking for?


There are all kinds of collections and estate buyers are always on the lookout for collections that have been well curated by the owner. You’ll be amazed to know that some collections can be more valuable than even the house. That’s why it’s imperative to have professionals around with an eye for fishing out valuable items. Typical examples of collections are coins and stamps. The following items can also qualify as a collection:

  • Pottery
  • Comic books
  • Photo albums
  • Rare books
  • Photography
  • Military items like swords, knives, helmets, bayonets, uniforms, and badges
  • Ethnic artifacts

The pertinent thing is for the collection to be organized as this will add more value.

Fine Art and Art Work

Mid-century art is always popular. Paintings and sculptures are usually the pick of the bunch. Prints that are signed and numbered by well-known artists also fetch good money, so they should not be overlooked. If the art work has a traceable provenance it can be even more valuable.

Fine Jewelry

Jewelry has inherent value and thus estate buyers are always on the lookout for the right pieces; whether they are handcrafted or fine jewelry. From gold to diamonds, jewelry requires professional inspection and valuation. Pieces by certain select designers can earn exponentially more than jewelry made by lesser-known names.

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Sterling Silver

That old tea set gathering dust on a shelf somewhere in the house might be more valuable to you than you think. Do you have bowls, flatware, and old silver sets? If yes, then you have a valuable that qualifies for estate buying.


No matter what your reasons for liquidating your estate – downsizing, relocating, or  a change in family structure –, you need professional help to ensure you get the best value for items you have. Especially since in most cases, people tend to undervalue the assets they have. The list above is however not exhaustive.

If you are looking for a full list of what estate buyers look for, check out this helpful article on what estate buyers are looking for.

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