clearing a loved one's estate

Coping With The Emotional Factor In Clearing A Loved One’s Estate

Clearing a loved one’s estate while grieving is one of the hardest things to do. However, with proper assistance and planning it can be a smooth transition. In this article, we share tips that can make the process all a bit easier.

Get Help When Clearing a Loved One’s Estate

loved one's estate

No matter the size of the house, sorting through an entire estate is work. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help even if you have to pay for it. Having an extra set of hands can also lighten up the mood with occasional conversations that pop up. The focus, however, is for them to take some stress off of you and your family. Delegate the work, identify which tasks you can manage, then seek help for the remaining tasks.

Family Comes First

Ask your siblings and/or close family members for the things they would like to take from the estate. You can then use the monetary value (known through the appraisals) of these items to distribute the items on their wish list fairly. Family members deserve to have a share of your loved one’s items too.

Preserve Sentimental Photos and Memorabilia

Things like family photos some mementos are non-negotiable items you have to keep. However, there are other things that might not seem naturally important, but hold sentimental meaning and historical value to you and your family members. Years down the line, they’ll outline how you remember your loved one.

Create A Time Frame To Finish The Project

Because of the emotional connection to the things in the house, clearing a loved one’s estate can take longer than it should. You want to be thorough with the project, but that shouldn’t allow you to continue endlessly. Have a plan and work through that plan. Make sure the plan is time-bound.

Discard or Donate Things


Before you get started, you have to understand that you can’t keep or sell every single item in an estate. Some things can be sold through estate sales, some can be donated to charity and certain items should be discarded. Hiring a professional to help you sort through what should go into each category can be very helpful as they can let you know what has value and can even purchase your entire estate contents (save whatever heirlooms you would like to keep in the family).

Sell to a Trusted Estate Buyer

One of the first things you want to do is get a handle on the value of the items in the estate. You can have professional estate buyers come in and put a dollar value on things like jewelry, furniture and antiques.

When working with an estate buyer, you won’t need to be concerned about pricing and selling every item individually. You can simply entrust the whole process to them. Estate buyers have a network of people who evaluate these items and make sure you get the most for your estate.

If you have more questions about clearing a loved one’s estate, please contact Showplace Estate Buyers.

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