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Taking Care Of Your Luxury Handbags

The act of purchasing a luxury handbags comes with expectations. You assume your bag is well-made and will last for years, that its classic style will transcend many seasons, and ultimately that it’s a great investment. However, just because you’ve spent a good deal of money on a handbag doesn’t necessarily parallel its lifespan. Higher costs do not equate to a longer life – especially if your bags are not being properly cared for.

Be aware that your luxury handbags will be subjected to a fair amount of wear and tear if you decide to carry one every day. You will need to take care of them if you expect them to last. Here are some important steps in caring for your luxury handbags:

Storing Handbags

At the end of a long day, you may be tempted to toss your bag on the floor of the closet. Don’t! The best way to store your luxury bag is to empty it completely and use acid free tissue inside to keep its shape. If possible, put your handbag back into its original box or dust bag. If tissue isn’t available or you want to save space, use some soft sweaters or t-shirts instead. Ink can transfer onto the bag, so never use newspaper. Wrap the shoulder straps and store them inside the bag. This makes sure the leather doesn’t get scratched. If your luxury bags have short handles, lay the bags flat with handles up so the handles don’t mark the bag.

Handbags and Moisture

Don’t throw away the small packet of silica gel that comes with your bag. These are there to absorb excess moisture. In many cities (like Miami, New Orleans, or Savannah) leather bags can get damp and moldy because of the humid weather. If this happens, take your handbag out of the box or bag it’s stored in, wipe it down with a dry, soft cloth, and allow it to air for an entire day. Running a dehumidifier in your bedroom and/or closet will help prevent mold growth on clothes and bags.

Out and About

Most women place their handbags on the floor when at a restaurant, bar, or theater. Avoid doing that- even if your bag has metal feet. Floors are often wet, dirty, or will transfer unsightly things onto your bag. Either purchase a portable bag hanger (which allows you to hang your bag from the tabletop) or lay your bag in your lap. This way, your handbag will stay both safe and clean.

It’s also a great idea to keep your dust bag with you when traveling through security. You can cover the bag to protect it from dirty, oily, or wet conveyor belts.

Additional Care Tips

You can extend your luxury bag’s lifespan and ensure its resale value by keeping it in good condition. Special moisturizers are useful to protect against damage and cracks. Contact your bag’s manufacturer or a handbag specialist for suggestions.

For larger bags: use organizers for cosmetics, pens, and incidentals. Liquids and pens can open and ruin the lining by accident. Overloading your bag can damage the leather and distort the bag’s shape.

After purchasing your luxury bag, you may be tempted to tear open the box, toss the receipt, and lose the tissue paper, but it’s important to keep them all. If you want the best resale value, many collectors will pass on handbags if they have missing items or have condition issues. If you’re considering selling your bag someday you need take care of it.

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