energy efficiency in downsized home

How To Increase Energy Efficiency In Your Downsized Home

You’ve made the decision to live in a downsized home. Whether it’s because you’re an empty-nester, newly retired, or just want to save money, you now live in a smaller place. You may think that a smaller home is automatically energy efficient, but not necessarily. Make your new abode even more energy efficient and save on utility bills.

Energy Saving Ideas

Whether it’s as simple as turning off the lights as you leave the room or as complex as adding solar panels to the roof, there are many ways to be more energy efficient. Here are just a few:

A-Rated Appliances: If you’re using old, outdated appliances it may be time to replace them. Make them more energy efficient for your downsized home and talk to a professional for suggestions.

Light Bulbs: Replace the light bulbs in your home with energy saving bulbs. Halogen lights don’t have to be changed as often because they last much longer than standard bulbs. In addition, turn lights off in rooms you’re not using.

 Insulation: How much insulation is in the walls of your home? A third of your heat and air conditioning seeps through if there’s not enough. Your energy bills will be much lower, and you’ll feel more comfortable if you add insulation in your attic, around light switches, windows, and in walls.

Drips and Leaks: Do you have any leaky faucets? Even a small drip can cost you money in water bills. Call a plumber, get your plumbing checked, and deal with any leaks they find as soon as possible. Excess water can lead to mold, dampness, or accidental flooding. Do you leave the water running in the sink when you brush your teeth? Do you ever leave the shower running while you wait for it to get warm? If you do you’re wasting gallons of water quite regularly. You should consider replacing your old water heater with a tankless water heater.

Heat and Air Conditioning: Watch what temperature you set your thermostat at- keeping it a few degrees warmer in the summer or a few degrees cooler in the winter can lower your bills by up to 10% and will save a lot of money in the long run. Even better: get a thermostat that can be programmed. That way, the temperature can be automatically adjusted for when no one is home for the day and then re-set shortly before you return from work.

Unplug: Do you leave the coffee pot plugged in all day? What about your cell phone charger? Everything you leave plugged in draws electricity. Unplug and lower your utility bills, even a little helps a lot!

Windows:  Are your windows double-paned? If not, consider replacing your windows as soon as possible. Heat and cool air can escape through windows and keep your utilities bills high.

Solar panels: Even downsized homes can go solar. Panels come in many sizes and can be fitted for your roof. It’s a great way to save on energy bills because sunshine is free!

There are plenty of ways you can save energy for your downsized home and make a difference in your life. By saving energy, you can protect the environment while putting more money in your own pocket. It’s a win-win!

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