Downsize smaller NYC apartment

Planning to Downsize to A Smaller NYC Apartment?

Are you at a point where you’re ready to move? Have you decided to let go of your spacious digs and downsize to a smaller NYC apartment? Hanging on to unneeded floor space is expensive, especially in NYC. But downsizing can be a difficult transition if you have large furniture, a collection of precious fine art and jewelry, or are used to extra room. Keep these handy tips in mind to make downsizing an easier process – and celebrate the best time of your life as you simplify.

Start with Furniture

Measure your furniture before you move anything. Be sure it will fit in your new apartment and decide where you’ll place it. A mid-century modern sectional may fit perfectly in your current spacious living room, but your new place may not have enough room. You don’t want to move a sofa only to discover you can’t get it through the door.

Inventory what you have and what you truly use. Will you have many overnight visitors? Can you use a pullout couch instead of a guest bed? Your new apartment will be less cluttered with fewer pieces or smaller scaled furniture. Do you plan on hosting lots of dinner parties? Or would a smaller table work better? Can you live with just one television? Is that china hutch necessary?

Be Tough

When downsizing, start with eliminating the easy things: get rid of duplicate items (i.e. kitchen utensils, towels, linens, etc.), pass all the sentimental treasures to your children and grandchildren, give your friend that vase she’s always admired, etc. Eliminate anything you don’t want to move or store.

Then get tough. Be brutal when sorting through your belongings. Closet space may be limited so purge any clothing you haven’t worn in a while. Think about your lifestyle. Will you be going out to fancy dinners and the theatre? Or will you spend your time reading and taking walks in the park? Let go of the high-end designer  and couture clothes you know you won’t be wearing. Also, consider selling the furniture, jewelry, silver, artwork and antiques that are left but still have value.

Whatever doesn’t make the cut, talk to New York Estate Buyers about. Don’t throw it away – you’d be surprised what people will buy. Use the extra money to buy smaller furniture, pay for the move or purchase something special for yourself.

Storage Space

Still not sure how to get started? Contact NY Estate Buyers today. We can help with sorting and finding value within your estate. We are bonded, licensed, and insured.

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