Do Hermes Birkin and Kelly Bags Possess Any Investment Value?

Many things in the world are collected because, over time, they increase in value. Items such as wine, artwork, jewelry, and real estate are sometimes good investments, but what about Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags? Do these well known bags appreciate in value? The short answer is yes. Read on to learn more:

Becoming More Expensive

As the years have gone by, Hermes bags – especially their signature Kelly and Birkin handbags – have become more expensive and have increased in value. That means if you are looking for a good investment this collector’s item may be worth more even just after a few years. Whether you are looking to purchase a bag to add to your collection or are interested in selling a Hermes bag, you’ll always get top dollar. Just be sure to look at how the bag has been handled. Is it in mint condition? Or is the leather worn and cracked? As with other collectibles, the better the condition, the higher the price.

Limited Edition Bags

Both Birkin and Kelly handbags are very popular around the world and Hermes has made many in limited editions. This means that certain patterns or material variations are rare or aren’t even manufactured anymore. When these limited editions are discovered for sale, the price is often quite high due to the intense level of competition to buy them.

Hermes bags are a sign of wealth and quality and are ubiquitous with the prestige of the Hermes brand. These bags are made with the finest leather and other materials as the cost of the leather and the prestige of the brand increases, so does the value of the handbags. Recently, the price of calf leather in particular has been rising significantly. This is an essential product used in making Hermes bags, therefore, as that cost rises so does the price of new bags which means the value will likely continue to increase in the coming years.

Kelly Bags Introduced In the 1950s

Named for the actress Grace Kelly, (the future Princess of Monaco) the Kelly bag began to gain popularity in the 1950s. At first, they were worth somewhere around $900 US. However, a standard Kelly bag today sells for nearly $10,000 with some limited edition bags soaring to $90,000. Therefore, if someone purchased an exclusive Kelly bag at $900 in 1958, the resale price has increased by 1000% over its original price today. This increase is because of the Kelly bag’s exclusiveness, the materials used to create them, and their rarity.

Birkin Bags First Named in 1981

Although they haven’t been around quite as long, the Hermes Birkin bag has also gained price and popularity throughout the history of their production. Named in 1981 after the English actress Jane Birkin, a standard Birkin bag could then be purchased for about $2,000 US. Today, that same handbag is worth $10,000 to $12,000. If the bag was made with exotic skins, it can go for as high as six figures.

Perfect for The Collector

As most can tell, Hermes bags are not just lovely and exquisite to view, they are also an ideal item that will gain in value over the years. Made with expert craftsmanship and quality materials, either the Kelly bag or the Birkin bag is a must-have for any collector of fine fashion.

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