Emotional Stress Of Downsizing

How To Manage The Emotional Stress Of Downsizing

The emotional stress of downsizing can be considerable. As humans, we develop a strange attachment to many of our personal belongings – particularly if they have sentimental value. Things that your mom or dad left you, something you worked hard for and were finally able to purchase, something that reminds you of best time of your life – all of these things can mean a lot and be very hard to get rid of. But there comes a time in many people’s lives when they realize that they have to downsize. That doesn’t mean, however, that these items are any less precious to us.

How does one go about clearing out their home, the home of a deceased parent (or spouse or other relative), or simply downsizing enough to be more comfortable without the stress and agony that parting with treasures can produce? An estate buyer may be just who you need.

Why Use an Estate Buyer?

Over the decades, we can assemble quite the collection of objects. But the thought of evaluating many of these collections can be overwhelming, to say the least. In addition to monetary value, many of these pieces represent a relationship or memory just too precious to let go of. Other items are too fragile or too large to move without assistance. If you have a lot of small things to get rid of, just the number of items can cause undue stress. That’s why downsizing may be better off left to a professional to help prevent more emotional stress of downsizing.

Estate buyers can assist you with the clearing out of your home (or a home you find yourself needing to clean out). What they’re basically doing is helping you liquidate your personal property. But because they are skilled at what they do, and not emotionally attached, they are far more proficient at it than you, yourself, may be.

Can’t I Do It Myself?

The easy answer to this is, of course, yes. But, as suggested, it’s not always easy to get rid of things that have come to mean something in our lives. Neither is it easy to have rummage sale after rummage sale, until you get rid of all the items in question. And if you decide to give the items away, hauling them all the way to the closest thrift store could be a slipped disc just waiting to happen. Professionals, on the other hand, deal with this sort of thing all the time. That’s why they’re professionals.

How Do I Know If This Service Is Right for Me?

Make sure that, first of all, you are contacting an estate buyer that has been in business for a long time and has achieved a good reputation. Many of these services offer free consultations. Some deal only with full estates but others will handle partial estates, as well. They may buy your items outright, or work on a type of consignment arrangement. If you can’t get to them, a good estate buyer will come to you. This also gives them an opportunity to see exactly what they’re dealing with as far as the items in question, their condition, etc.

What Services Are Offered

In addition to selling your unwanted items, a qualified estate buyer should employ the services of highly trained professionals such as customer service specialists, decorative and fine art historians, licensed appraisers, antique dealers, and others. You may not be aware of how valuable something you have actually is, after all.

If you have a home in NY and/or the Tri-State area, and it’s time to downsize, call the professionals at Showcase Estate Buyers. Since 1993 we have been serving the public honestly and fairly. We will come to you for a free consultation and deal with both partial and full estates.

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