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Freeing Yourself Of Unwanted Possessions

While  millennials concentrating less on spacious real estate and more on apartment living with the freedom to get up and go at will, decluttering has become a developing trend. This trend doe not exclusively belong to millenials, either- other groups are getting into the act as well. Unused and/or unwanted possessions are being sold online, at rummage sales, donated to thrift stores and more. Whether you’re moving into a smaller home or just feel like getting rid of all the clutter in your house, it’s a good idea to unload the items that tend to make your life a mess.

Some people choose to hand items down their kids or give them to friends and relatives. But what if your kids  don’t want your stuff? What if your friends and relatives have enough junk of their own? Now what?

To go about the process of decluttering, consider some of the following:

Look at Your Stuff – What Has Sentimental Value?

The basic question here is, “What does my stuff mean to me?” Take a look at each piece, or a group of pieces in general, and figure out if it should go in the keep or discard pile. To determine which pile the stuff should go into, consider its value. Not only monetary value but sentimental value, as well. Granted, you can’t pay the bills with sentiment. But if an item means a great deal to you and it would break your heart to unload it, keep it for a while longer and re-evaluate its worth again in the future.

Speaking of Monetary Value…

Sometimes- rather than having sentimental value, a piece you have may actually be worth a nice sum of money. To find out whether something is truly valuable you usually have to locate a professional who is knowledgeable in reference to the piece or collection. Do a little research to find out who in your area has a good reputation for estimates and appraisals.

Sell Online? Donate? Organize a Sale?

There are seemingly unlimited ways to get rid of unwanted stuff. Some people choose to sell things online, organize a garage sale, or donate to a good cause. To save yourself the trouble of organizing sales or trying to put together online descriptions, postings, etc. you may consider selling to an auction house or something similar so they can do the work for you and you can have money in your pocket instead.

Just Get Rid of It!

There may actually come a time when you look past the monetary and sentimental value of your countless belongings and say to yourself, “Oh my goodness, just get rid of it!” This can frequently happen when someone is heir to an entire estate, two or more households are combined or they’ve just collected a menagerie of stuff over their lifetime and are sick and tired of looking at it and paying for extra space to store it.

On that note, the national average cost (in America) of a storage space equates to amounts in excess of $1000? Surely you could think of something better to do with $1000 a year – and that’s just for an average storage space. If you are paying for a huge storage space for all that stuff or one in a more expensive part of the country you’re losing money instead of making money by selling it to the right buyer.

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