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Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared To Downsize

The thought of downsizing and getting rid of seemingly cherished positions can initially be a bit frightening. One good rule of thumb is that if something means the world to you, keep it (for now). On the other hand, if it has been packed away in a tote or box for more than a couple of years and you clearly aren’t using it, so it should go.

Why shouldn’t you be afraid to downsize? That’s simple. Because it makes total sense. The following are a number of reasons why it makes sense:

Defining Downsizing

When you downsize, you accomplish a number of things. You’re taking the size of your collection of possessions (i.e. silver, fine art, antiques, etc.) and removing unnecessary or redundant items. Additionally, once that’s done you can also take the size of your home down to a more manageable level.

There is much to be gained by downsizing. Even though downsizing is all about getting rid of stuff, there are gains (or benefits) to be considered.

Get Control of Your Life

It’s no secret that a new way of life can be discovered through downsizing. Whether you realize it or not, your possessions require upkeep. They can sometimes run your life although they should be augmenting it. Having less clutter in your life gives you more space (literally and figuratively), more freedom and more free time.

More freedom means that you can choose how you want to live. You may be surprised at how liberating downsizing can be.

More Time for Enjoyment

When you don’t have to clean your porcelains and polish your silver, you’ll spend more time doing what you want and what you love. You might even consider moving to a smaller home that is closer to your shopping center, gym, job or family. Less driving time means increased time for more pleasant pursuits.

Lessen Monthly Expenses

How much money do you spend maintaining unneeded possessions? Do you have a storage area full of things you never see or need? Are you holding onto a large, expensive to own and maintain house just because it has lots of room to store all your possessions? Financially speaking: downsizing puts people in a better position.

Be Happier with Less Stress

You can enjoy life more when you reduce the stress in your life. Perhaps you’re living in a house that’s too big, and struggling to pay the mortgage on it every month. Downsizing to a smaller home with smaller (or no) mortgage payments will be a huge load off your mind.

Are you stressing about never being able to find what you’re looking for? If you have less stuff to sort through, you can find seemingly lost items faster. Get more organized by cutting back on your clutter.

If you could use some assistance downsizing your household and possessions, contact the experts at Showplace Estate Buyers. We offer downsizing services by providing a skilled team of professionals who understand that the process can be emotional. Let us help you through this transitional period. Contact us today.

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