What Types of Militaria Do You Have in Your Estate?

Are you a discerning militaria collector or have you simply inherited military collectibles from a relative or loved one? Do you enjoy displaying everything or do you box it all away in the attic? There is a wide range of popular collectibles relating to the military – from the United States and around the world.

Read on to find out more about all things militaria, about the most sought-after items, and what to do with them. We can also provide guidance regarding who to get in touch with if you need advice on what to do with your militaria items.

Military Helmets

Originally made to protect the heads of soldiers, most helmets are durable and therefore still in pretty good shape. From World War I to today, they are also one of the most popular military artifacts to collect. Both the beginner and the advanced collector have the opportunity to add a helmet to their collections without draining their finances. Many common helmets can be found for less than $100, but the rarer pieces that are in excellent condition can fetch higher prices. Most collectors tend to choose one war, one country, or one branch of the military to focus on. Helmets are fun items to both collect and display.

WWII Memorabilia

Collecting World War II memorabilia can be a very interesting and rewarding hobby. However, because the artifacts from this period have increased in value, there has been an influx of reproductions and forgeries as of late, so be careful.

It is very important to research potential dealers and to get certificates of authenticity before purchasing any items. Many fakes are so good that even some experts may have difficulty being able to verify that an item is real. In order to avoid forgeries, some collectors opt to choose a subject matter that is not as easy to fake. Things such as toy soldiers, photographs, small equipment, diaries, medals, or badges are more easily identified as genuine. Make sure to do your research and ask lots of questions before buying or selling items from this period.

WWI Militaria

Since 2014 (the 100th Anniversary of the start of the Great War) there has been a substantial increase in interest for collecting artifacts from World War I. Prior to this war, most military uniforms were quite colorful and helmets were topped by feathers and other decorations and World War I is considered by many to be a turning point and the first instance of modern warfare.

Items from this war can be from countries such as the United States, Germany, France and many others. World War I spans a diverse array of nationalities and memorabilia and can fascinate the collector with items such as uniforms, equipment (such as gas masks), helmets, medals, or badges (as well as many other items). These collectables are much rarer than ones from more recent wars. However, over time, the diligent collector can build a valuable array of items.

Explore Your Home

Have you inherited boxes from relatives that you’ve never opened? Did you put them away in the back of your closet or in the basement? You might have some very valuable militaria and not know it. Take some time to look through your potential treasure trove.

If you find badges, uniforms, bayonets, helmets, knives, swords, or other military items, and you’re not sure what to do with them (or know that you would like to sell them) contact us at NY Showplace Estate Buyers.

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