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Is Your Persian Rug Worth A Fortune?

Throughout life, we collect a huge array of wonderful and not-so wonderful items, ranging from large pieces of furniture to wall hangings and Persian rugs. Sometimes these not-so wonderful items were received as gifts and can have a sentimental value.  This situation can leave you feeling emotionally attached to items that you would habitually have no trouble giving away or selling, even when you are in desperate need  to de-clutter your house. Persian rugs in particular can take up a lot of space and may not be the impactful interior design statement that you are looking to make.

Persian Rugs

No matter what the time period, Persian rugs will always be in style. A Persian rug is the perfect accessory to show the floor off to its best. These pieces can change a room’s atmosphere entirely. When it comes to evaluating the true value of Persian rugs, you may want to consider these factors: material, design, production, and age.


Look out for Persian rugs that are made from silk or wool. These rugs are usually very valuable and it is important to verify that they are indeed made of organic materials (rather than synthetic fabrics). You can see if the silk is real by checking whether your Persian rug is tightly weaved and has a high sheen. When it comes to the rugs made from wool, you need to check whether it looks shiny over time (indicating it is wool taken from a live animal as opposed to recycled wool).

Design & Production

Certain designs for Persian rugs are highly sought after such as the Kashan, Kerman, and Tabriz styles. Check for intricate designs and make sure your Persian rug is kept in a good condition with few signs of wear. When it comes to production, it is obvious that handmade Persian carpets are priced higher than factory made ones. One obvious sign that a Persian rug is handmade is the knots at the base of the carpets.

How Can I Sell The Items I No Longer Need?

There are many ways to sell unwanted or outdated items such as Persian rugs. You can sell these items at auctions or at a garage sale. You can also put out advertisements in the newspapers or online. Another option would be to sell your items to people or family that you know, donate them to charity or to sell them via an online store.

However, if you have something to sell, it is best to speak with an expert to discuss your item’s value. By allowing a company such as Showplace Estate Buyers to assess your pieces, you can be sure to get a fair price for any of your valuable assets. We evaluate a vast range of items including Persian rugs, militaria, furniture, lighting, designer fashion and accessories.

Do You Need Help in Establishing the Value of Your Persian Rugs?

We can help by offering a free estate liquidation consultation service and can evaluate what your pieces might be worth.

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