Shopping at estate sales can be fun, but many people have trouble finding the best estate sales in their area. Sometimes you don’t hear about them until it’s too late. It can be very frustrating and often confusing if you don’t know where or how to look. Read on to find out the best ways to be successful in locating estate sales or estate buyers in New York.

Check the Classified Ads

Although not as common as it used to be, the local classifieds in the New York Times (and other neighborhood newspapers) is one of the easiest ways to find nearby estate sales. Smaller sales that haven’t budgeted for advertising will often list their sale this way instead of on-line. This can be a bonus as fewer people will visit these sales and there may be less competition for great items.

Check Websites That List Estate Sales

Plan out your day and make a map of estate sales to maximize your time and energy. To find a lot of sales listed in one place, look at websites that list them from around your area. Just google “New York estate sale listings”, or “New York garage sales”.

These sites will allow you to preview the estate sales and know when and where the sales are happening. In addition, many sales will list what is available so if they don’t have what you’re looking for, you can save time and cross them off of your list. Each website has its own way of organizing search results, so take your time and find a few you like best.

Follow Estate Sale Companies or Selling Groups

Many homeowners or heirs don’t have time to go through all of an estate’s furniture and other belongings, price them and set up their own estate sales. They prefer to hire estate sales professionals to manage this process.

Signing up for notifications from professional estate sale companies is the best way to be aware of what sales are coming up. More and more companies are sending email alerts for various ZIP codes or for particular collectible items. If you use this method you won’t miss another sale again!

In addition to email alerts, another great way to get sale previews, announcements, and news is through social media. Sign up with estate sale companies or selling groups to get notifications through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. See photos to preview the sales, check and compare prices, and map out your route. To begin, just search for the term “estate sale” on your favorite social media tool and add your city or ZIP code for local sales.

Check With Friends and Neighbors

Do you have friends who love going to estate sales? Ask each one to review a few websites and share information with you. Find out if neighbors will be hosting an estate sale soon. Some neighborhoods have huge group sales. Keep your eyes open for signs posted in your grocery store, favorite coffee shops, or church newsletters.

Find Your Own Method

Whether you shop every weekend or just once in a while, there are many ways to find estate sales, depending on if you have lots of time to search or no time at all. Find the method that fits your schedule and style and you’ll have more fun and a lot more success shopping at estate sales.