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What It Takes To Hold A Successful Estate Sale

In a few weeks’ time, you may be running your very first estate sale. The excitement starts to hit you – just like when you are leaving for a vacation – you run through everything repeatedly to ensure that you have not forgotten anything. Well, if you are wondering how you can get good traffic flow for your sale, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips to create the best possible estate sale experience for everyone, including yourself.

Stay Organized

Organization does not come naturally to everyone. It is easy for things to be missing, forgotten, or misplaced right when you need them the most or during the busiest part of your estate sale. If you make the continual effort to stay organized, you will be able to stay on top of things. If disaster does strike, you will able to rectify the problem right away. Start making a simple checklist of everything you need for the sale and pen down details regarding where you need them for your sale. By having a checklist, you will be able to avoid missing pricing details, make sure everything is set up accordingly to plan, and more.

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Make Sure You are Properly Staffed for Your Estate Sale

It is pertinent that you have manpower at every estate sale. This helps alleviate many problems such as piles of items in a mess, angry customers, being overwhelmed behind the cash desk, needing to yell through the space to find someone who can assist your customers, and more. The more hands you have on deck, the easier it is to keep your sale organized, minimize piles and lines, and ensure there is sufficient personnel to cover each other so that customers do not have to wait longer than they should.

Be Positive and Stay Friendly Throughout the Day

Nothing can be perfect. If something goes wrong, regardless of whether it is your fault or your customer’s, you should conduct your sale with a sense of friendliness and a genuine smile. If someone smiled at you while you are unhappy, wouldn’t you feel bad if you do not reciprocate with the same expression? If you smile to an unhappy customer, chances are that they won’t see their problem as such a big deal once they leave. After all, you are in the customer service business, so do not sweat the small stuff!

Remember to Make Your Customers Feel At Home

Some customers that come to your sale may not be a local. If this is the case, you should make them feel right at home. You should acknowledge their presence with a smile and a warm greeting. If you are unable to strike up a conversation with the person, you can simply give a simple nod. If you ask any company that help run estate sales regularly, they will easily tell you that making eye contact with your potential customers is extremely important.

Never Overlook the Importance of Sign Placement

Although signs do not guarantee sales, it does increase your chance of closing one. That is because it notifies passers-by to know that something interesting is happening in their area. When you put up a sign, make sure they are placed where drivers can see them readily. You need to also make sure you are putting up your signs while abiding to any local city laws that may be in place. Next, make sure that your signs are facing the right way. If a potential customer gets lost, they may just give up coming to your estate sale. To attract attention from a distance, using flags is a good idea as well.

Don’t Take On More Work Than You Need To

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