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Questions To Ask When Choosing An Estate Buyer

Are you cleaning out the clutter in your home? Downsizing now that the kids are gone? Or are you helping a relative move? Do you know the value of your mementos? Are they genuine antiques? Using an estate buyer obviously has its advantages – but how do you choose the right one?

Why Use An Estate Buyer?

The reasons for letting go of personal possessions are countless. They can range from people moving to a smaller home and de-cluttering to assisting family members manage their estates.

Liquidating part or all of an estate is one way to find new owners for collectibles and valuables. Assessing the value of items collected throughout a lifetime and figuring out how to sell them can be an overwhelming process. Do you host a rummage sale? Should you bring your items to an auction house or a consignment store?

The main advantage of using an estate buyer is that they can handle every aspect from valuation to buying. Estate buyers understand how emotional a process like this can be and have experience with liquidating personal property. They are experts in evaluating collections, antiques and other valuables, and can assist with moving large or fragile pieces. The buyer comes to your location, evaluates the pieces you want to sell, and makes you an offer. If you accept, a convenient time and date is arranged for pick-up. And that’s it.

Choosing The Right Company

First you need to make sure you have the right people to handle your estate. Before signing the contract, here are some questions you should ask:

  1. Are you licensed and insured? How long have you been in business?

Do some research and determine whether this is a reputable company. Insurance protects both you and the company from liability in case of an accident. Ask friends and neighbors what they’ve heard.

  1. Will you give me top dollar for my items? Do you use appraisers who are affiliated with the Appraiser’s Association of America? What determines current market prices?

Ask what kind of research the buyers do to know the true value of your items. Some unscrupulous buyers will “lowball” an offer in order to resell at a greater profit later. Get the most for your valuables.

  1. Can I contact a few of your former customers?

People who have already done business with the estate buyers can give you an honest assessment. Ask them how they felt about the transaction, the delivery of payment, and the overall experience.

  1. Will you take everything?

Some estate buyers are only interested in certain items; others will buy the entire contents of a home. Be sure to ask first so you don’t waste anyone’s time or are left with items you didn’t expect.

Once you’ve talked through all the details and feel satisfied with the answers to your questions, it’s time to move forward. By doing your homework you can significantly increase the return you’ll receive when deciding to liquidate your estate, have less work to do, and ultimately have a better outcome .Contact Showplace Estate Buyers and Downsizing in NYC if you would like helpful information or to schedule pick-up of your items.

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