Do you have an old Vintage Polaroid camera? Maybe you were digging around in the attic and came across it unexpectedly. Depending on how long you’ve been in your home, it may have belonged to previous owners. Well, it’s yours now! So, what will you do with it? Is it worth selling? What’s it worth?

The answers to those questions may well depend on exactly what style camera it is, and when it was made. Some vintage Polaroid cameras are worth a small fortune – others, not so much. Showplace Estate Buyers will be able to answer these questions for you­.

Some Gadgets Are In Hot Demand

Depending on what type of 1990s gadget you have, you may be the proud owner of one that is in hot demand. Entering the vintage market as of late is the Polaroid camera. Possibly the biggest fan of the Polaroid was master of pop art: Andy Warhol. He appreciated it for its idiosyncratic aesthetics and its ability to develop a picture within seconds. These desirable characteristics still attract people to this day. Decades after its inception the Polaroid camera and its aesthetic continue to show up on social media platforms, graphic design and elsewhere. Possibly for this very reason classic instant cameras are now being redesigned and sold. For one of these cameras, you can pay as much as $900 US or as low as $100 US.

Polaroid Cameras – Special Edition

Particularly in demand are 1980s and 1990s era original pop art special editions of the Polaroid camera. The reason? These eras have an ongoing revival. Start looking around that attic of yours, check in the back of closets, hit the pawn shops and ask your parents or grandparents if they have an old Polaroid. To be hip and trendy, you’ll want to add one of them to your repertoire. You can even find instant film for your polaroid through an online search.

Which Cameras Are Worth Something?

First and foremost: for an instant camera to be worth something, it has to be a Polaroid. If for instance, you have a camera called a Kodak instant film camera, throw it in your $0.25 box at a rummage sale. It’s virtually worthless. This is primarily because Kodak lost the right to produce instant film after a major legal battle with Polaroid.

If you really want to do a fast check on what your camera might be worth, one of the easiest ways to do so is to look it up on eBay. You will see prices that are all over the spectrum but match yours up as closely as you can with others, consider the condition, and see what’s out there. The lowest price is probably just someone who wants to get rid of their camera. The highest price is someone who thinks they’ve got a real treasure on their hands (but they probably don’t). Take everything you see with a grain of salt, but eBay will give you a good idea of where to start with a valuation.

Would you like to unload that old camera of yours, but you’re not sure what it’s worth or who will buy it? Contact us at Showplace Estate Buyers and see what we have to say! We give honest valuations and pay people fairly for their no-longer-wanted possessions. Maybe, while you’re at it, you can downsize a little more and end up with additional cash! Showplace Estate Buyers are your solution.