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Showplace provides the comprehensive solution for artists looking to sell their fine art directly for cash. As a leading fine art buyer in New York City, we pride ourselves on offering artists a streamlined and lucrative avenue for selling their artwork. Below, you’ll find answers to common questions about selling your art with us.

Selling Your Art in NYC

Q: How do I find a buyer for my art?
A: Look no further! Showplace NYC is your one-stop destination for selling art. We buy fine art outright for cash, offering a seamless and direct process.

Q: Where can I sell my art for money?
A: Directly to us! Showplace NYC purchases artwork directly from artists, providing immediate payment for your creations.

Q: How do I sell my art in the local market?
A: By partnering with Showplace NYC, you’re directly engaging with the vibrant local art market. We offer a straightforward path to sell your art in New York City.

Maximizing Your Art Sales

Q: What is the most profitable way to sell art?
A: Selling your art to Showplace NYC ensures a profitable and direct transaction. We offer competitive prices, valuing your art based on the current market trends and its inherent value.

Q: How can I sell my art locally for cash near me?
A: Showplace NYC provides the opportunity to sell your art for cash, right here in the heart of NYC. Our expert team ensures that you receive a fair and immediate payment for your artwork.

Q: What size art sells the most?
A: At Showplace NYC, we’re interested in a wide range of art sizes. While market trends can vary, we evaluate each piece on its own merit, ensuring artists receive the best value.

Selling Valuable Paintings & Artworks

Q: Where is the best place to sell valuable paintings?
A: Showplace NYC is the premier destination for selling valuable paintings. Our expertise in the fine art market allows us to offer unmatched prices for high-quality artworks.

Q: How do I sell my paintings to you?
A: Simply contact us with details about your paintings. Our team will review your submission and provide a prompt and competitive offer.

Q: What kind of art is selling right now?
A: We’re interested in a broad spectrum of art, from contemporary pieces to classic works. Our focus is on quality and market demand, ensuring artists receive timely and fair compensation.

Pricing, Appraisal, and Selling Safely

Q: Is there an app to appraise art?
A: While apps can provide general guidance, for an accurate appraisal and immediate cash offer, Showplace NYC is your best resource. Our experienced team offers professional appraisals to ensure you receive the true value of your artwork.

Q: How can I sell my art without getting scammed?
A: By selling directly to Showplace NYC, you’re engaging with a reputable and established buyer. Our transparent and professional process ensures a safe and secure transaction.

Q: How can I sell my art for free?
A: When you sell your art to Showplace NYC, there are no hidden fees or commissions. We provide a straightforward cash offer, ensuring you get the full value without any deductions.

Q: How can I value my paintings online for free?
A: For an initial assessment, you can contact us with details and images of your artwork. Our team will provide a preliminary valuation free of charge, leading to a swift and direct purchase.

Showplace NYC is dedicated to offering artists a reliable and lucrative platform for selling their art. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transition your artwork into a rewarding sale.

What We Buy:

Linda Schaub
Linda Schaub
Highly recommend Showplace Fine Art & Estate Buyers! They are consummate professionals. They know their business, they are knowledgeable, and treat their customers with courtesy. Working with Andrea and her team was a great experience. She reviewed and evaluated all of the pieces, and offered a very fair price. I was very impressed and would definitely call on them again.
Wendy Kohnenkamp
Wendy Kohnenkamp
Showplace was wonderful to work with - they responded to my requests quickly and made what could have been a difficult process very easy and successful. Andrea and her crew arrived on time and were a pleasure to work with. She gave informed assessments of all items and offered a fair price on the spot. There were many items with some of them being very heavy and her crew expertly moved and loaded them into the truck. I was extremely happy with the entire process. I highly recommend Showplace Fine Art & Estate Buyers for both your selling and buying needs.
Ken Gill
Ken Gill
These folks bought from a personal collection of paintings. The artists were somewhat obscure but Shawn and the rest of the team did a great job coming up with the best offer possible. Great place with people who are easy to work with (they pick up the art!), and fair dealing. I recommend you show them your art if you are looking for a buyer.
carl sandler
carl sandler
Showplace was quick to make me a reasonable offer and then to follow through with excellent communication. Pick up was efficient and easy. Payment was quick. Would highly recommmend as an easy way to sell vintage midcentury modern furniture in NYC.
Jeff Constable
Jeff Constable
We had an excellent experience with Showplace. They came highly recommended by an appraiser who was helping us evaluate the artwork of my brother’s estate. Showplace provided a quick turnaround in providing a reasonable price for the entire collection. They efficiently and professionally packed up all the artwork and wrote us a check in one day.
Katie Hustead
Katie Hustead
First, the showroom in Manhattan is stunning and anyone looking for a unique piece or two to glamorize their home should make this a stop. But, more importantly, we have worked professionally with Showplace many times, for years, and can heartily recommend them. We help clients downsize and we are always looking for places interested in buying. The Showplace staff is responsive, professional, and friendly.
Joanne Arroyo
Joanne Arroyo
We had a fairly large storage unit with over 1000 pieces art and related items from an estate that needed to be picked up. The men who did the moving were AWESOME! They were organized, efficient and very speedy, yet careful. They cleaned up so well, taking everything (trash included) that the unit is already "broom clean". I was totally impressed. The 2 members of the staff of Showplace I dealt with on the phone, Shawn and Andrea, were great, too! -- They were friendly made things so much easier than I was expecting.
J. Jay Mautner
J. Jay Mautner
I was left alone in an UES apartment. How was I going to downsize to a one BR assisted living apartment? A moving management professional suggested I contact Andrea Baker at Showplace. Glad I did. Andrea acted quickly, but with no high pressure tactics. She came and took pictures, made a lot of notes, and got back to me the next day with an offer. The items I wanted to get rid of ranged from ordinary household stuff, furniture, fine china and bric-a-brac, art by Joan Miro, sculpture by Silas Seandel and a large collection of Steuben animals. Her offer was acceptable, and a move out date was set. Everything that was being taken away was marked with a color coded label. Andrea arrived on time on moving day with her assistant and moving team. Everything that was going was packed and loaded on to their truck. The whole process left me with a good feeling even though most of my possessions were going bye bye. Another nice thing. I had a sculpture that I wanted to ship to my daughter in Idaho. Andrea Took it and arranged to have it packed and shipped for me with no extra handling charge or commission.
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